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Our Sausages


Guanciale affumicato

National pork meat product, spiced and smoked salty. Great for appetizer and seasoning.


Salame al tartufo

Pure national pork product, flavored with truffles.


Salame Calabro

Pure spiced salted national pork product flavored with spicy pepper.


Salame affumicato

Produced with pure national pig. The product is salted spicy and smoked.


Salame al finocchio

Pure national pork product, spicy salted and flavored with fennel.


Salsiccia Veneta Sottovuoto

It can be flavored with: garlic, fennel, chilli pepper, onion. Product of pure national salted and spicy pork with final addition of aromas.


Carne salata di manzo

Bovine meat product exclusively of heifer. The product is salted spiced, left to macerate to be then ready for use.


Lardo stagionato

National pork meat product. The product is salted spiced left to macerate for about thirty days to be then sold in full vacuum or in slices.



Carefully degreased product to ensure a meager result. Salty and spicy stuffed into natural sleeve.


Salame Nostrano Classico

Made with pork thigh, shoulder and belly. Ground with medium grit is then stuffed into natural casings. The special feature of this product is the taste devoid of aromas to give precedence to the simple taste of the meat.


Salsiccia Veneta

Produced with shoulder meat, thigh trimming and bacon. Then stuffed into natural pork entrails. His taste respects the classic Venetian sausage.


Soppressa con filetto

The ingredients of this product are the same as sopressa, it is then stuffed in the middle of the spicy pork tenderloin and flavored and covered with dough sopressa. Stuffed into natural casings.



Product with rind, head, throat, belly and skinny all of pork. It is then salted and spiced to be stuffed into natural casings.


Salame al Peperoncino

Produced with the thigh meat, shoulder and belly it is then flavored with chili taste.



Product with the same meat sausage but with more lean meat content, this to give more flavor to the product.



Product carefully prepared to ensure a meager result. Salty and spicy is left to rest for 15 days before being bagged with sleeve natural. Since particular taste is delivered after 40-45 days from filling.


Soppressa Nostrana

Produced meat bacon, cup trimming and thigh. Ground with medium coarse and stuffed into the sleeve-free natural aromas. Flat For this product prevails sweetness.



Produced with lean meat from the thigh, shoulder and belly. It stuffed into natural casings glued to the piece weighing 350 grams.


Pasta di salsiccia

This product is the basis of the sausage, recommended for toppings on pizza, pasta etc.